Top Tower

Studio Black n’ Arch is in this project as a conceptual architect and works at the level of Study and Documentation for a joint building permit.

It is assumed that the project will have multiple purposes simultaneously within the terms of design of the TOP TOWER building. As well as residential and office space, it should also contain substantial public areas, which will be intended for example for business premises and shops. Other forms of cultural use are also possible, or even a new and better quality public space between both exits from Nové Butovice metro station, which will adjoin the future building. There will also be an observation point at the highest point of TOP TOWER, which will be open up a panoramic view of the south west city and other adjoining areas to the public.

The design also counts on a system for catching and managing rainwater, which will be used within the terms of standard operation of the building or for watering vegetation. The parking spaces below the building will be accessible to the public as shared parking. The investor also assumes that TOP TOWER will be energy efficient with an LEED Gold certificate.

The investor simultaneously initiates and takes specific steps, the purpose of which is expansion of the number of preferential parking places for local residents and others in the surrounding area. A new multi-storey car park will be built approx. 200 metres from the building at the intersection of Bucharova and Petrzílkova streets.

TOP TOWER will be built right next to Nové Butovice metro station and will also be connected to the new, practically kilometre long pedestrian zone, leading from the metro station through central Sluneční Square to Hůrka Station. At the same time it will be built practically next to the existing projects for the Cyberdog technological-information centre, the Trifot sculpture by David Černý or the SMART complex, which incudes the Czech Photo Centre photo gallery, which focuses on contemporary modern photography.

Team: David Černý, Tomáš Císař, Ondřej Jezbera, David Mayer

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