First I got hold of a genuine American dollar. I carefully looked it over and found that it would be really nice to make it three-dimensional — like a sculpture. On a worktable I prepared spatulas, a wire-end tool, ninety kilos of clay, a sharp knife, and thirty thousand crowns. That was all we’d need to make dollars. First I made a basic structure out of thick wire, which I then covered with clay. Into it I modeled a dollar in relief at 1:47 scale. Because this took me two days and the work wasn’t much fun for me anymore, I started to look for someone who would finish it. In the end I found someone, so I got ten fiberglass casts of my dollars. I then loaded them onto a train and took them to Medzilaborce, to the Andy Warhol Museum. The casts were finished with black and silver paint so they’d look nicer. The completed dollars are hung in a drafty place so they can swing back and forth nicely. But we had to make sure they wouldn’t fall on anyone and thus ruin their art experience.


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