They aren’t little figures, but quite well-built guys. The connections are many, but remember one of the milestones in the history of modern art in the 20th century. Like Manneken Pis in Brussels, for example, or Duchamp’s Fountain. My sculpture has more layers, and it’s up to the viewer to uncover them.

I molded the Cihelna sculpture, then ran the clay through a tomograph at a hospital, scanned it back into the computer, and pulled it out into three dimensions. From there I used a video plotter to expose it, as if it were carved, and then glued it together and brought it over to the bronze foundry, where it was returned back to a 3,000 year old technique. Then technology intervened and the result is what it is, a normal sculpture.

There’s a Czech idiom about “peeing over somebody,” which I guess translated into English would be to “get one over on somebody.” That’s what the peeing men mean. It’s the way our country behaves.

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