Each country in the EU puzzle is represented by non-existent artists.They’ve got names, artificially created identities, and some even have their own websites. The proposal was presented just as it is – those are the images that are on the internet and were approved. And that it was made by 27 people is really part of the concept. It’s part of a high art game, part of an art game that’s sort of politically incorrect. No Czech installation in Brussels was ever discussed and suddenly it’s known that the Czech Republic holds the presidency. If nothing else, this is positive. Opposite Entropa is a poster for an exhibition about divided Europe, West and East. It’s been twenty years since the fall of the iron curtain and the comparison is interesting. It shows what the Eastern Bloc was – it was a place where people couldn’t speak about anything, people couldn’t make fun of anything, everyone had to stand in awkward silence, and if anyone poked fun of Husák they went to jail. But humor is a warped mirror, just look at yourself. In this case, I also made fun of myself to a certain sense. But it also has a positive trait – it leads to catharsis, which relieves the pent-up stress or crap that remains inside us.

Do you know what was on Great Britain on Entropa? Nothing, it was simply missing. But there’s a funny story connected to that. About five years ago I was invited to the British embassy for a private luncheon attended by the prime minister at the time, Cameron. It was a laugh. I arrived in a specially-tailored suit – I cut off the legs, arms, and the tie, and when he asked why, I told him, “Shortages.” Before that he spoke an awful lot about how we must have cutbacks – this was during the crisis. And I brought him a present. I had taken an empty frame from a model airplane kit, about ten by ten centimeters, and sprayed it blue like Entropa. I gave it to him with the words, “This is your enormous contribution to integrating Britain into the EU.” He laughed out loud. About half a year later I spoke with the ambassador who had seen him, and she said that he had it in the office over his desk. But Brexit is of course a really bad thing, especiallyfor countries nearer to Russia. Putin must have celebrated like a madman.

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