The investor contacted Black n’Arch studio with a proposal to connect two planned structures in an empty space on Lihovarská street in Vysočany. The buildings were designed by the Jiran a partner architekti studio. David Černý and Tomáš Císař then came up with the idea of being contextual – building on the legacy of factory owner Emil Kolben, who imprinted the industrial identity and world renown on this Prague neighbourhood. Materially, it is an artistic structure loosely inspired by the train derailment at Montparnasse railway station in Paris in 1895.

The Black n’ Arch footbridge-locomotive was modelled in Rhinoceros using archived drawings in NTM. It is an exact copy of the largest locomotive ever produced at the Kolben plant in Vysočany. The model was co-ordinated with construction using IFC. Connection of the locomotive, the digital crash – explosion was simulated in Grasshopper. Computational designer Petr Vacek helped the studio with this task.

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