Jan Bouchal Memorial

I once thought up a design with a cyclist, but importantly, I designed a memorial to Honza Bouchal [environmental journalist and activist who was killed by a car; he promoted bicycle transportation and the reduction of car transportation, among other things]. It’s a relief silhouette of a bicycle embedded in asphalt. I’m certain it would be good if the memorial were realized; in fact, it’s a sort of psychological speed bump. Unfortunately, everything’s come to an end for now with the head of the Prague Traffic Inspectorate announcing that it would be better if it were abstract, because he believes drivers would slow down needlessly at the site and that would be bad. In short,        at a place where cars should go fifty km/h but actually go eighty, drivers will put on the brakes because of it. Right now the Honza Bouchal memorial is on ice. What more can I add? The argument “they’ll slow down” seems like a mockery to me …

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