Nation to Itself

It’s supposed to be a slap in the face of the nation. If you exhibit it on the Internet, it won’t interest anyone. It’s good to give out slaps in this sense. Purely aesthetic things don’t really get my rocks off.

Dvořák – director of the National Theater! At first he said it would be great, that thing would be perfect, simply a smash! And then it came: at the next meeting he says – let’s get it confirmed, how about I ask Scarf [Minister of Culture Pavel Dostál, who was known for his scarfs] if he’d allow it. And I already imagined calling him and he’d say – wait a minute, let me ring the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. And then Becher [Prime Minister Miloš Zeman, known for his fondness for Becherovka] would say, “Call back in the afternoon, I’ve got Kato [Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Kavan] on the satellite …” The director of the National Theater feared for his great post. And that’s how it always goes.

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