The last time I teared-up was in Washington, at the Holocaust Museum. They had an authentic architectural plan for Auschwitz there. And it was all about the proportions, right – golden ratios, beautiful gateways … With descriptions: undressing area, a belt carrying the clothing away … It was a gruesome dilemma. I realized that I belong to the same architecture or art sector. And one of those people, who I count myself among, was able to come up with a marshalling yard for transports! A collision with a paradox that was incomprehensible for me. The pistols are about something similar. The design of a weapon is an aesthetic question, but on the other hand that hammer is primarily intended for you to pop a cap in someone.


It suits me when things correspond somehow with architecture, and because I enjoy making things for outdoor spaces, for the street, I have to maintain a corresponding scale so that they’re visible and don’t get lost. Some people call that interacting with the environment or something like that. I’d never sell it to an armory, I’d be shitting down my own throat if I did that, it would go against the object and against myself.

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