It looks like a piece of meat hanging on nail. The main point is about a society which takes the car as a sacrificial and religious object.

I design lots of things on a computer, I use 3D Studio Max, very often I use various visualizations. I take pictures with a digital camera and use all sorts of methods that happen to suit me at the time. I’ve also realized that as time goes on, I’ve got more and more digital output. Not output in the sense of a final product, but designs, working stuff. Like the cars that were exhibited at the Trade Fair Palace [Meat] – of course I used a computer to visualize them in the preparation stage. That’s clear, how would a person think up the form of a car that’s stretched out somehow, hanging on a nail? I had a model that I’d done eight years ago, and when I later decided to actually realize it, I thought about how to make it happen … Simple idea, 3D Studio, I stretched the car out on a computer and tore it just the way I needed to, I got all of the documentation.

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