It is about the relativity of the stable shape. Nothing like this exists on such a scale.

The Americans stipulated that nothing could leak out. So the effect was incredible. When the cloth was taken off at the unveiling ceremony, people nodded their heads and said, “Mmm, yeah, big, nice, stainless … ” But when the head started to squirt water from its mouth, they grumbled in appreciation. And only after five minutes did the individual layers of the sculpture start to move. They all let out a shout, they were completely floored. I saw the thing for the first time outdoors in the open. I didn’t at all expect that in reality, the shiny stainless steel mirrors on the surface would create such strange grainy snow – like watching television. The entire big mass moves quickly, but in absolute silence. Like an illusion. I imagine that when people approach the sculpture for the first time, they can have similar feelings like the Indians did when they saw Columbus’ ships. There’s a connection there with the pissing guys I made for Hergetova Cihelna. The face on Metalmorphosis – that’s their face. But unlike the walking Trabant, which came about in my head over the course of a few seconds, this was a gradual assemblage of ideas. Some go all the way back to the 1980s, when I made a series of about twenty heads.

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