It’s also a variation on Pegasus. Actually, that was a good coincidence. I once made a series called Smallness. They bitched about me doing big things for so long, I got mad and made a series of three hundred 4-centimeter bronze sculptures on marble pedestals, built a little fence around them, and people then had to crawl on all fours around them. One of the little sculptures was this one with an engine. About five years ago I had a bit of free time and I said to myself that the time had come when I could work for myself on a large scale. As a bizarre coincidence, at the time we were working with the architect Jakub Cigler, who reminded me that he was building Aviatica, a complex that refers to the former aircraft engine factory. I told him that I had sculptures with an aircraft engine, and he said it definitely had to be there. The engine that used to be manufactured at the former Motorlet factory was called Pegasus. The core of the engine is really a Walter Pegas. I went to pick it out at the military museum. And finally, little horses graze on the grass … As I said – it’s not a conceptual exhibition, but after von Braun and Oppenheimer, the moment you climb behind the corner and see those horses is wonderful. The effect on me is something like the gondolas on the Enola Gay.

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